Thursday, November 20, 2014

Entrepreneurial Efforts

I feel like I've just been posting resources lately.  Oh well.

I guess there is just a lot of brilliance around that I want to share.  Share the brilliance.

A young woman has designed a planner that incorporates not only the elements of scheduling your daily personal life and work life, but your goals and hopes and dreams.  It looks like an incredible tool!  She has a promotion on, for the next few days that if you share her project on any social media, she'll send you a planner to try out for 2015.  I shared it on facebook, but I'm sharing it here too because I think it will be brilliant for a planning tool for homeschool moms.

Presently I use a family planner, and a separate project planner.  It's my hope that this planner will combine the two.  Once I get my planner, I'll review it here after I've had a month or two to use it.

The Passion Planner

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Summa as a Self Help Manual

This isn't a very long article, read about the types of sorrow and how they manifest in our lives, but be certain to read to the bottom, the remedies for sorrow according to the Angelic Doctor.

Saint Thomas on Sorrow and Anxiety.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Prison of Resentment

This just in:

A quote from Interior Freedom by Jacques Phillips (emphasis mine)

"Freedom can be diminished by overly strong attachments, by dependence on someone whom we love too much (and in the wrong way), who becomes so indispensable to us that we partly lose our autonomy.

"But a refusual to forgive also binds us to a person we resent, and diminishes or destroys our freedom.

"We are as dependant on the people we hate as on those we love in a disporportionate manner.

"When we foster resentment toward someone, we can't stop thinking about him.

"We are filled with negative feelings that absorb a large part of our energy, and so there is an "investment" in that relationship that does not leave us available, psychologically or spiritually on what we should be concentrating on.  

"Resentment attacks our vital forces and does us much harm.  When someone has made us suffer, our tendency is to keep the memory of the wrong alive in our minds, like a "bill" we will produce in due time to demand payment.

"Those accumulated bills end up poisoning our lives.  It is wiser to cancel every debt as the Gospel invites us to do."